Hey there, I’m Philip Bailey. I’m a drag queen and bartender working and living in Riverside, California.

In 1998, I created Fant-A-She’s with the hopes of bringing the art of drag to a mainstream audience. My desire was to give credibility and respect to the world of drag entertainers.

The show debuted in 1998 at Riverside Municipal Auditorium in downtown Riverside, and ran annually ‘til 2007.  With the help of Live Nation Entertainment, me and my cast of talented drag entertainers are thrilled to return to the stage where it all began.

Fant-A-She’s is the story of one entertainer’s dream of the show he and his friend would do if just given the chance.

Enjoy exciting production numbers, and experience performances from your favorite female divas—this show is unlike any other of its kind. It is full of madness, mayhem, and makeup.

Enjoy this unique show as it returns to the Riverside Municipal Auditorium stage on February 16, 2019.

much love,

Cassi Philips

Fant-A-She’s is bursting with creativity, ingenuity, nostalgia & surprise
— Brady Kerr, meraki design